Skin Conductance for Organizational researchers

This webpage contains the material for the paper, “The Body and the Brain: Measuring Skin Conductance Responses to Understand the Emotional Experience”, published by Organizational Research Methods (Christopoulos, Uy & Yap, 2016).

Briefly, this is a set of semi-automated scripts and tools for a full experiment employing skin conductance responses (SCR).

We strongly suggest you first read the paper and the appendixes before proceeding to design your own experiment. Before you start you might want to see this instructional video that explains how to conduct a SCR study:

The link below has the necessary Matlab files for running the TASK.


You will need Matlab and PsychToolbox ( to run the task. Matlab is a commercial program that is very often used in psychological research. Universities usually have multiple licenses on-site. Psychtoolbox is a free collection of matlab based scripts that allow to design and deliver computerized experiments. Data are collected with high precision. Install Psychtoolbox as described in the relevant webpage).

The task is based on using a BIOPAC SCR machine – commonly found in psychophysics laboratories.

The link below has the necessary files for analysing the data. You will again need Matlab but as well another set of Matlab scripts (also free) called LedaLab  (

If you organise the files correctly, and follow the instructions meticulously, the program will generate the results automatically for you.