Lab members

George Christopoulos

I hold a Ph.D. in Decision Neuroscience from University of Cambridge, supervised by Prof. Wolfram Schultz. My thesis aimed to uncover the neural correlates of risk aversion, probabilities and value.

In particular, we examine three interrelated questions:

(i) neuroscience of decision making and learning

(ii) the interaction of the urban architecture and environment in (mega-)cities with human performance and well-being and

(iii) how cultural symbols (statues, images, buildings) affect emotions as well aesthetic and beauty judgments (with a focus on facial beauty and cosmetics).

I am always update my methodology. Currently, we employ a wide array of methods, ranging from virtual reality and wearable devices to environmental metrics and human neuroimaging (fMRI). Our research has been published in leading multidisciplinary and specialized journals (Journal of Neuroscience, PNAS, Building and Environment, Journal of Experimental Social psychology etc.). Besides typical grants (over $1.5m) we have also collaborated and supported by various private companies and multinationals.

I am the co-Director of the Culture Science Institute, member of the Advisory Council for the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture and collaborator for the UPenn Center for NeuroAesthetics.

PostDoctoral Fellows

Adam Roberts (Ph.D. Sheffield; Previous PostDoc Oxford): Psychological and neurobiological aspects associated with the built environment

PhD Students

Kim Loong (Environmental Decisions)

Please see here for my work. I am exploring the process and factors involved in decision-making with regards to energy-usage, efficiency and environmentally responsible behaviour. Prior to joining the DEON Lab, I completed a bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Queensland.

Research Assistants

Elliot Chan

Having graduated from the University of Buffalo undergraduate program in Psychology, I have been involved in various projects for the Lab, such as the creation of the Asian Face database. I am also an independent filmmaker, magician, martial artist, techno-wizard, and soon-to-be cyborg ninja on wheels. My special abilities include drinking copious amounts of caffeine with no ill effects, and cooking “3-minute instant noodles” in 2 minutes and 47 seconds.


Tanya Tan: Associate Professor University of Lille

Natalie Truong Faust: Assistant Professor, NOVA Business School, Portugal. Check out our Experimental Aesthetics & Asian Beauty section here to see what she is up to!

Yap Wei Jie: working in Data Analytics (NUS Singapore)

Sean Fitzgerald: Start up in Data Analytics (USA)

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