Lab members

George Christopoulos

I hold a Ph.D. in Decision Neuroscience from University of Cambridge, supervised by Prof. Wolfram Schultz. My thesis aimed to uncover the neural correlates of risk aversion, probabilities and value.

My central interest is -always- decision making. I adopt a holistic approach trying to understand human decision making across many different angles – ranging from biology to culture and architecture. This approach is somehow contrarian to the current trend that supports over-specialization; but I believe that we need academics that can bridge disciplines.

PostDoctoral Fellows

Adam Roberts (Ph.D. Sheffield; Previous PostDoc Oxford): Psychological and neurobiological aspects associated with the built environment

PhD Students

Kim Loong (Environmental Decisions)

Please see here for my work. I am exploring the process and factors involved in decision-making with regards to energy-usage, efficiency and environmentally responsible behaviour. Prior to joining the DEON Lab, I completed a bachelor’s in Psychology and a Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Queensland.

Research Assistants

Elliot Chan

Having graduated from the University of Buffalo undergraduate program in Psychology, I have been involved in various projects for the Lab, such as the creation of the Asian Face database. I am also an independent filmmaker, magician, martial artist, techno-wizard, and soon-to-be cyborg ninja on wheels. My special abilities include drinking copious amounts of caffeine with no ill effects, and cooking “3-minute instant noodles” in 2 minutes and 47 seconds.


Tanya Tan: Associate Professor University of Lille

Natalie Truong Faust: Assistant Professor, NOVA Business School, Portugal. Check out our Experimental Aesthetics & Asian Beauty section here to see what she is up to!

Yap Wei Jie: working in Data Analytics (NUS Singapore)

Sean Fitzgerald: Start up in Data Analytics (USA)


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