PSY-VR System: How to install and use

The PSY-VR suite is a Virtual Reality system that allows formal psychological testing (computer-based testing) in VR environment. One fo teh advantages is that the user (psychologist) does not need to have special VR s/w skills to set up the system. The PSY-VR is also very flexible and allows manipulations of the environment in terms of office size, colors etc. PSY-VR records responses and reaction times, as in traditional experimental testing. For a description see here

Finally, PSY-VR is open source and thus, if you have the skills, you can improve it. If you do so, please let us know and we will be happy to include your version here. In the spirit of open science and open software, we except PSY-VR to organically grow by the community. We make this free for eevryone and we hope better versions will be free for the academic community.

The PSY-VR prescribes two roles: the role of a USER(S) (i.e. the researcher / psychologist) who sets up the experiment; and the role of a PARTICIPANT(S) (i.e. people that do the experiment). The instructions are for the USER to set up the experiment

If you want  to use PSY-VR in a commercial setting please contact us at

Instructions: PSY-VR Instructions

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