Culturally intelligent A.I.

Culturally intelligent A.I. for FinTech and beyond:
Trust and recovery

(For this funded project, we are interested in working with industry partners or researchers that want to improve how their A.I. / virtual assistants/ roboadvisors interacts with their users – do contact us if you are interested).

A.I. is quickly emerging as an essential stakeholder in any human and business activity.

We need to rewrite all textbooks om human psychology, organizational behavior, management and financial advising to incorporate how human users interact and use A.I.

Specifically, it is critical to examine how humans (mis-)trust different forms of A.I. – A.I can be represented in different ways.

In addition, the way A.I. behaves towards one cultural group might be totally inappropriate towards another cultural group.

We thus aim to develop and evaluate parameters and standards towards culturally intelligent A.I. We define an A.I. as Culturally Intelligent as an A.I. that evaluates, learns and updates their algorithms, output, choices, recommendations and behaviors in accordance to the values, expectations and priorities of the cultural group of the user. Do note that a culturally intelligent A.I. is not only changing in terms of language or visuals (for instance a relevant face or clothing) but also changing the algorithms and the values prioritized.

The funding is received by A.I. Singapore .

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